Nawal Taneja
The Ohio State University, Professor Emeritus of Aviation

Nawal Taneja has five decades of experience in the aviation industry, having worked for and advised major airlines and aviation-related businesses worldwide.  As a business author, he has written, at the encouragement of, and for, practitioners, twelve books on the airline industry.  Currently, he serves, as an Executive-In-Residence at the Fisher College of Business, at the Ohio State University. 

Recovery Through Integration: How We Can Recalibrate the Aviation Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic represents an extraordinary inflection point that caught airlines worldwide unprepared, causing leaderships to recalibrate their business models. This pandemic has forced the airline industry to examine the holistic experience for employees and customers alike, but one thing seems to be missing: the lack of integration among solutions. In order to successfully recover from these challenging times, we must address the changes that must be implemented within the aviation and travel industry’s technological, security, and customer experience (CX) solutions.

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