Workshop and Presentation Information

The Learning Journey

Dr. Michael Allen, Allen Interactions

Teaching and marketing have surprisingly similar goals and challenges. They can both be maximally successful by considering bot the needs to inform and to address the whole of the individual, including their affective state.

Just recognizing that we tend to make decisions emotionally first and then support our preferred decision through logic and rational thought provides us guidance on how to market and train effectively. 

Reimagining Training in the Pandemic World

Brandon Carson, Delta Air Lines

The way that we approach training and development in the airline industry has drastically changed since the spread of COVID-19 across the globe. In this presentation, Brandon highlights how leadership can help execute and provide the innovation to bring safety to the workplace while promoting talent development.

The world of work is evolving, and the most successful are embracing career mobility — investing in their people, growing talent, and helping workers manage their careers inside the organization.

Providing your employees with fresh opportunities is good for them, and it’s good for your organization. Employees get to learn and grow, which boosts their morale. At the same time, your company benefits from higher employee retention, increased engagement, and thus, more valuable contributions.

To Be Announced

Kimo Kippen, Aloha Learning Advisors

Information for this presentation coming soon. Stay tuned!

The Employee Experience in a Pandemic World

Laura Lee, MGM Resorts International

How are you engaging your employees and making them feel safe in this uncertain world? There are many ways that hospitality professionals can address the challenges of the pandemic through safety, training, and support services through challenging situations.

How We Can Recalibrate the Aviation Industry

Nawal Taneja, The Ohio State University

The COVID-19 pandemic represents an extraordinary inflection point that caught airlines worldwide unprepared, causing leaderships to recalibrate their business models. This pandemic has forced the airline industry to examine the holistic experience for employees and customers alike, but one thing seems to be missing: the lack of integration among solutions. In order to successfully recover from these challenging times, we must address the changes that must be implemented within the aviation and travel industry’s technological, security, and customer experience (CX) solutions.

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